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About Us

How Appalachian CBD Came To Be

Appalachian CBD was founded by Dan Hickok in early 2018. Before establishing the company, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a decade as a clinical drug formulator. For most of my life, I was an active athlete, playing rugby and football for several years until I injured my back in 2016. I developed chronic pain due to a wedge fracture and multiple disc herniations. Rather than treating the injury with drugs that are often addictive or harmful to the body, I decided to give CBD a try. As I researched CBD, I found that it was highly unregulated, so finding a reputable supplier, frankly, can be a crapshoot. It’s a saturated industry and CBD is being sold at gas stations, convenience stores, and gyms. I wanted CBD that I could trust, a product that was up to the quality standards I was used to from my career in GMP drug manufacturing. So, I researched the process of making CBD from the raw hemp distillate. I found an organic farm in Colorado and got to work.

Three factors were very important to me when sourcing hemp for my product:

  • Organic cultivation was critical, since organic hemp has no chemical pesticides that would affect the purity of the product.
  • I wanted USA-grown only. I use a small family farm outside of Denver, Colorado.
  • Lastly, the farm needed to be family-owned. That way, supporting my small business actually supports other small families along the supply chain. Industrial hemp is a hot commodity right now, and many of the farms are owned by pretty large corporations.

All of my products are tested for quality, concentration, heavy metals, and purity by a third-party accredited testing laboratory. All of my products are made by me. I do not outsource any of the production, so I never have to question the integrity or consistency. The products I offer are 100% organic and made from USA-sourced ingredients.

If you have any questions about CBD or my product, review the FAQ section. If you can’t find your answer, email me at Thank you for supporting my small business!